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Our state of the art media players are especially made to function not only as a media player, but also as a VOD player or a live streaming OTT box. Optional functions like tablet/phone remote, special TV Skype portal with camera, internet over coax and wifi solutions. There are also possibilities to deliver a Media Player with internal Hard Disk Drive or USB 32 GB memory.

We invest the hardware for you. No investment in hard- or software or minimum order quantities, we take care of that part, as we have stock available. If we believe in your VOD or OTT business plan, we port your content, XML based to our basic VOD or OTT player, with your logo. It is your task to market this media player as your own VOD or OTT Media Player and promote it on your website.
Consumers need to able to buy directly in the web shop, in which only ‘your’ box is available. Consumers just buy the box, connect it to the TV and the internet and you have a portal to rent your movies or stream your live TV. See-IP has an eye for Consumer Electronics!
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